Message From the President

     As I am sitting here writing this, things are looking a little like winter, it is getting cold and starting to snow a little bit. The mountains have already gotten some snow and are predicted  to get more. Lets be optimistic and hope this is the beginning of a good winter. Now would be a good time to do all those safety checks and maintenance on your sleds, trailers and vehicales. Also it would be a good time to check out your riding gear and clothing to make sure they were put away in good condition.
  Once again our club is having a booth at the Snow Show and I want to thank all those who have volunteered their time to help out at the snow show.Either working at the booth or helping with doing security.
  Our 1st club meeting of this year will be on Wed. Nov. 7th. Once again the meetings will be held at my home. The main topic at this meeting will be planning our riding schedule. So be planning on where you would like to ride this year and if you have  any new place to ride be sure and be at the meeting and let us know. Also be planning on where you would like to go for our annual over night ride.
  Well thats about it for now, so until next time keep praying for that snow to keep coming.

Russ Mangone
Pres. Salt Lake Valley Snowmobile Club