Message From the President

Here it is almost the end of the snowmobling season and it seem like it wasn't the long ago that we were preparing for the Snow Show and getting our sleds and equipment ready for the season. As they say "time sure fly's when your having fun".

Well we had some aswome rides so far this year, from our 1st ride at Soapstone, which had much more snow then we expected, to our hotdog lunch ride at the Willow Creek warming hut were we meet up with some of the members from the Golden Spike Club. It was nice to spend some time with them. We had a really great ride at Bear River Service, you couldn't have asked for a better day. There was plenty of good snow (what's the saying "your not having fun unless you get stuck" Well that afternoon we must have had plenty of fun).  There was plenty of blue sky and sunshine and we even got to see part of the dog sled race they had going on that weekend. So far it has been some great riding.

Our annual overnight ride will be in Logan, Ut. again this year. Once again we will be staying at the Crystal Inn in Logan. We had such a great time there last year we decided to do it again this year. It will be the weekend of March 1st-3rd. We will be riding up the Logan Canyon area. These overnight rides are always fun

We still have a couple of more club rides planned for this season. They are at Strawberry River and Mirror Lake Highway, and hopefully the snow will hold out long enough to get a few more rides in before it's time to trade those snowmobiles in for ATV's, fishing poles and golf clubs. 

Hope while everyone is out on the trails and in the hill's you are prepard, riding smart, staying safe and riding with a freind or two.

Russ Mangone

Pres. Salt Lake Valley Snowmobile Club